Dây chuyền sản xuất tấm tường Acotec Đài Loan (E.N.E Wall Panel Production Line)

E.N.E Wall Panel Production Line

E.N.E Wall Panel Production Line


The panel is a hollow core wall module meant for building partition walls economically. The length of panel is the desired room height, but not more than 3300 mm. The width is fixed to 600 mm. The thickness can vary from 68 to 140 mm accordingly with country standards. The edges are tongued and grooved, allowing aligning of panels to each other and making the wall stable and integral.


The panel is a light weight concrete module, consisting of standard Portland cement, light weight aggregate like expanded clay or pumice (volcanic residue), filler sand and water. A typical recipe used in Taiwan is:

  • cement: 300 kg/m³
  • expanded clay: 300 kg/m³
  • gravel sand: 300 kg/m³
  • filler sand: 130 kg/m³
  • water: 300 kg/m

Material density with this recipe is about 1100 kg/m³. Expanded clay can be substituted by other light weight aggregates like pumice, which also modify properties.


The properties are interaction of ingredients of recipe. With regard to the above recipe following properties are achieved:

  • compressive strength 10 N / mm²
  • bending tensile strength min 2.0 N / mm²
  • fire resistance 60 minutes
  • sound insulation 38 dB

The panel is moisture resistant and therefore ideal to be used in wet areas. The workability is comparable to wood. The panel can be sawn and bored, and a nail hammered or screwed to it. The bond of nails or screws is strong enough for hanging things on wall. The weight 75mm thick is about 65 kg/m2.


The production facilities consist of two main parts:mixing plant and casting line. The key machine, supplied by R.E.M. Yoshida, Inc., is the extruder for casting and making the panels compact by means of screws. The cast, wet panels are cut to required length immediately after extrusion and stacked 5 to10 panel piles. This is possible because cement-water ratio is lower than in normal concrete and panels get compact enough after extrusion. The panels are cast on thin steel plates of same length as cast panels. The steel plates are fed end to end under the extrusion machine and then with the panels on the top further to a stacking device. The panels are stacked for procuring (about 12 hours) on steel pallets to ensure that any distortion does not happen. After procuring, when the panels are strong enough, the steel pallets and plates are cleaned and moved back to production. These facilities are connected to the beginning of the extrusion line.

The final curing time before use is about 21 days after which the panels are completely cured and no cracking will occur. Curing does not need extra heating. A covered shed is the only requirement.

Tấm tường Acotech Đài Loan


TOTAL AREA :  3200 m2
COVERED AREA :  450 m2 

The capacity by one shift is 150,000 m2 / year. The total production area needed for this capacity is 3200 m2, of which the plant building occupies 450 m2. Increasing the capacity can only take place by operating in two or three shifts or investing into other an extrusion line. The automated production line is labor and energy saving. Yearly consumption of electricity (1 line / one 8-hour shift / 300 working days) is ca. 150,000 kWh and only 4 to 6 workers are required to run the factory.

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